Folk musical instruments are mostly hand-crafted in India. West Bengal has a good deal of skilled artists who craft instruments meticulously. The tradition is mainly popular in districts like Nadia, Purulia, Bankura, Bardhaman and Birbhum. Considering music and dance is an integral part of the rural tradition, the crafting of the instruments play a pertinent role. String instruments include Gopiyantra, in which the resonator is made of wood and dried gourd. Dotara is a basic two stringed instrument, Sarinda is a bowed lute. Baul and Fakir musicians play the Dotara and Sarinda, which form the centre of Sufi music. Sutradhars (wood carvers) and Bauls make them in the villages in Birbhum. The Santhal community of Birbhum and Dumka districts make the Banam, a wooden instrument with the resonator of skin crafted in various forms. Some functional percussion instruments, very important to occasion in Bengal called Dhaak and Dhol are made from skin as well.

Under the RCCH initiative, total 168 crafts persons from Nadia, Bankura and Purulia are covered.